Managing healthcare info while maintaining patient privacy has always been a challenge, and while computerized data gathering and storage have eased the process somewhat, there are still major hurdles to pass before reaching a truly easy and efficient system of recording, coding, storing, and transmitting healthcare data. The challenges of managing healthcare data affect both the clinical and the financial sides of the business.

On the clinical side, many companies have stepped forward to provide Electronic Medical Records (EMR), to keep track of patient info securely while remaining compliant with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Meanwhile, many states and regions have joined Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) that make it easier to use the same patient health data in different clinics and hospitals, even across state boundaries. The integration of all these programs, from EMR providers to HIEs and medical billing specialists, offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased patient privacy protection and HIPAA compliance.
  • Smoother collaboration between different doctors treating the same patient.
  • Reduced duplication of efforts in medical data entry, storage, and retrieval.
  • Simplified billing processes.

For anyone working with medical data on either the clinical side or the billing side, these are important topics to stay current on. This collection of sites is not ordered by rank, but is topically categorized to make it easy to find information EMRs, HIEs, or whichever aspect of the medical data field pertains to the reader.

Electronic Medical/Health Records

Electronic Medical Records, also known as Electronic Health Records, are systems of digitally storing and collating medical data on patients served by a hospital or healthcare providing network. There are strong government incentives for adopting the usage of an EMR/EHR system, and any medical organization that can meet the established “meaningful use” criteria for EMRs can reap tens of thousands of dollars in government subsidies. Even without the subsidies, the efficiency gains and workload reduction offered by EMR adoption are their own reward.


  1. EMR & HIPAA



    This electronic health records and electronic medical records blog gives updates and news on EMR and EHR services and businesses. They offer reviews of services, news of new services, and other health resource info.

    – Further Information: 5 Innovative Companies Are Cause for Health for IT Hope

  2. American EHR Blog



    AmericanEHR Partners provides physicians across the United States with the necessary tools to effectively use Electronic Health Records. Doctors and health professionals run this blog to bring those in the medical community into the conversation about the importance and uses of EHR.

    – Further Information: Personal IT – Partnering with Patients

  3. MedWorxs



    MedWorxs offers medical teams and offices paperless solutions for billing and record management. Their software packages include electronic records, practice management, and billing services.

    – Further Information: Succeeding with EMR

  4. AccuMed™ Electronic Medical Records



    Through their EMR system, AccuMed features the broadest range of online transaction sets offered in a HIPAA-compliant, secure environment. Their EMR system delivers detailed reports to ensure claims are successfully submitted, accepted, and adjudicated by the paying entity in real time or in batch form, thereby empowering your office’s productivity.

    – Further Information: Products and Effective Solutions

  5. Cerner Ambulatory EHR



    Cerner Ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) was designed by physicians to offer the most comprehensive yet flexible documentation and to automate reporting processes for health care business. Cerner offers specialty modules that you can view as demos at their site, including modifications for pediatrics, podiatry, women’s health, and family practice.

    – Further Information: Cerner Blog

  6. EHR News – drchrono



    Dr Chrono was an EHR built for the iPad – it includes patient check in, medical billing features, and custom forms. The blog is a news source for how EHRs continue to streamline healthcare, improve patient care, and save medical offices money.

    – Further Information: Medical Records Graphing, Scoring, and Reports Builder

  7. All Things EMR



    Athena Health offers a blog that focuses solely on “All Things EMR,” including ways to make the EHR Switch and other topics that will interest health care providers who are relying on IT management for their offices. Athena Health also provides other blogs that deal with cloud services, medical billing, patient engagement, and analytics and research.

    – Further Information: Physician Sentiment Index Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

  8. EHR Intelligence



    EHR intelligence is a one stop site for all EHR related news. Users can search by topic, white paper, recent news, and more to help stay informed on this important and changing technology.

    – Further Information: How EHR adoption is both a disruption and an opportunity

  9. EMR, EHR & Health Care Technology



    Focusing on healthcare technology, specifically EMR and EMR, this blog shares healthcare technology news, EMR consulting advice, and other tech tips. Their articles are interesting to someone trying to understand how basic technology is important to healthcare overall.

    – Further Information: How an expert helps you with EHR selection

  10. EHR Scope



    EHRScope is an extensive database of EHR providers and software companies across the country. They offer comparison over 600 companies with reviews of their features, allowing medical practitioners to make the best choice for their office.

    – Further Information: Electronic Health Records: The Next Chapter

  11. NueMD



    NueMD’s HIPAA-compliant medical billing software allows a clinician’s office staff to file electronic claims with ease. Their practice management software and EHR system also works with billing to streamline workflow for any small office environment.

    – Further Information: NueMD Complete: Practice Management and Electronic Health Record

  12. EHR & EMR Insights



    With industry news and insight into the technology of EHRs, this blog regularly shares updates and trends with the healthcare industry regarding the electronic record keeping business. From why it might be time to get a new EHR system to the benefits of an integrated EHR program, EHRinsight is a great resource.

    – Further Information: Because breaking up with your EHR partner isn’t hard to do…

  13. EMR Blog



    CureMD is a health IT organization. They specialize in patient portal services and medical billing in order to help more efficiently run the business of healthcare.

    – Further Information: Medical Billing Service

  14. InteGreat



    InteGreat EHR is different than other Electronic Health Records, as it is the first to contain true end-to-end integration with Medicomp’s MEDCIN Engine. This integration allows physicians to input patient information on the fly, creating specific patient templates and capturing the patient encounter in real time.

    – Further Information: Products and Services

  15. EHR Blog by HealthFusion



    HealthFusion is a medical software company that was started by two primary care physicians to help meet the challenges of record keeping and office management. The HealthFusion blog is a news resource for healthcare providers about EHR use and software, as well as other healthcare issues.

    – Further Information: Choosing and EHR today – pick one that is already 2014 certified

  16. Build Your EMR



    Build Your EMR is a client-centered software that is fully customizable to the needs of the healthcare provider and staff. Doctors and staff can design their own EMR software based on the needs of their practice, business trends, and patients.

    – Further Information: Five Things to Consider Before Switching EMR

  17. Optimus EMR



    This EMR software is a comprehensive tool for long term care. Their products and services ensure the efficiency and success of medical workers in need of efficient patient solutions.

    – Further Information: In the News

  18. ABEL Med Inc.



    ABELMed offers an EMR system that continually incorporates technological improvements without interruption to any physician practice. Gain instant electronic access to patient lab results, enable appointment confirmation, use the encrypted remote backup system, and take advantage of personal training in all systems from this company.

    – Further Information: Products and Services

  19. Binary Spectrum EMR Software



    Binary’s EMR system offers solutions for the healthcare provider that can eliminate the cost of paper records, increase revenue by converting chart rooms to exam rooms, and cut time for the practitioner and the office staff without compromising quality care. Look for modules that can complete an office such as medical billing, comprehensive reports, patient demographics, clinical charting, and many other features vital to a clinician’s success.

    – Further Information: Healthcare Solutions

  20. Healthland Ambulatory EHR



    Healthland is dedicated to providing electronic health record services to rural and critical access hospitals and health care facilities. In many cases, these hospitals would go overlooked without this organization, and would miss out on the ability to share in the cost effective benefits of electronic patient records and other services.

    – Further Information: Resources

  21. PegasusEMR Electronic Health Record



    Pegasus EMR was designed by a team of physicians and process engineers, and the resulting product is one that offers superior performance characteristics and an amazingly easy-to-use interface. This system offers provider exams, forms, charts, a scheduler, and billing modules to improve manual processes in a repetitive clinical work environment.

    – Further Information: Implementation Methodology

  22. Oxbow EMR



    Oxbow EMR touts its system as the “un-EMR,” meaning that their tool is clinician-friendly, easy-to-use, and ready to go from the front end. This company provides all the hardware, networking, installation, and hardware support you’d ever need for all a clinician’s practice, enabling the private-practice physician to attend to patients, rather than to EMR system management.

    – Further Information: What do I get?

  23. iKnowMed



    McKesson Specialty Health’s iKnowMed works solely with oncology professionals to support technologies that are unique to the oncology practice, helping to advance cancer care science and enabling high-quality patient care practices. The Black Book Rankings for Oncologists and Hematologists has ranked this EHR as the best system in 2013.

    – Further Information: iKnowMed

  24. PowerMed



    PowerMed has been in the forefront of the EMR industry since its inception in the early 90s, providing medical practice management solutions, expertise and health care IT leadership in the US and Internationally. They offer complete EHR and EMR practice management as well as billing services and practice consulting.

    – Further Information: Services

  25. Rabbit EHR



    Rabbit EHR is designed specifically for oncology groups and other complex practices that need support with equally complex treatment billing among single or multiple locations. This system also can be tailored to meet practice needs, and the Rabbit team works to deliver desired outcomes that can improve practice and patient care.

    – Further Information: Testimonials

  26. Cyclops Electronic Healthcare Records



    Cyclops EHR enables eye care providers a system that increases productivity, efficiency, and revenue by allowing the doctor to focus on the patient, not the paperwork. This is a fully-integrated eye care software system that features HIPPA-compliant EMR, an autobill system, free and automatic updates, and unlimited work stations and support.

    – Further Information: Services

  27. EncounterPRO-OS EMR Clinical Groupware



    EncounterPRO-OS Pediatric EMR Workflow System is the winner of 14 national awards, including three HIMSS Davies won by pediatric, obstetrics & gynecology practices, and family medicine. Download the software free and see for yourself how this open source software’s interface and task management system can make health care office life easier.

    – Further Information: Other Specialties Besides Pediatrics Use the EncounterPRO-OS EMR Workflow System

  28. Beginning

    Health Information Exchange

    Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) facilitate efficiency and accuracy in medical record management by centralizing the storage and distribution of records. A health care provider that participates in an HIE may be able to access data that was collected at another medical facility at a different time, instead of having to re-gather that data.


  29. – Health Information Exchange



    This government site helps to explain what Health Information Exchange is and how businesses working in that industry benefit doctors and medical organizations. Health care professionals can find information to help HIE work well for them.

    – Further Information: Getting Started with HIE

  30. HIMSS HIE Blog



    This blog focuses on the impact that information technology can have the field of medicine. Bringing IT to the center of the discussion of medicine means a more streamlined approach to care, records, and security.

    – Further Information: Value of health information exchange

  31. HIE Watch



    Development of HIE initiatives continues to grow. This blog shares all related news, relevant policy, and research for health organizations and patients.

    – Further Information: Using Health Information Exchange to solve financial outreach and strategic challenges

  32. Health Information Exchange Roadmap: The Landscape and a Path Forward



    This resource exists as a comprehensive source of information about HIE best practices. Healthcare providers and healthcare businesses can access the latest information about HIE.

    – Further Information: Four Routes to Success

  33. Massachusetts Health Information Management Association (MaHIMA)



    MaHIMA supports the high quality medical care in Massachusetts through the effective management of patient’s personal health information. MaHIMA is also an effective advocate for changes to Massachusetts laws and policies for personal health information.

    – Further Information: Recent News

  34. Medicity HIE Blog



    This blog emphasizes the importance of coordination and collaboration in patient care. As patient information is at the center of all patient care, understanding how to best coordinate and understand that information is key to the medical industry.

    – Further Information: HIE saves money and improves quality of patient cares

  35. HealthShare Montana



    HealthShare Montana is a non-profit organization created to help process and store sensitive patient information. Both patients and medical professionals have a comprehensive view of medical histories and other documents.

    – Further Information: Resources and Services

  36. Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN)



    WISHIN is a network of health information connecting physicians, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinical laboratories across Wisconsin with consistent, secure patient information. Delivering patient information in this way leads to better care through better decisions and diagnoses, reduced costs, and a faster process from start to finish.

    – Further Information: HIE

  37. Colorado Regional Health Information Organization



    CORHIO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving healthcare for all Coloradans and for all providers through their HIE. Designated by the State of Colorado, CORHIO works with partners throughout the state to develop and implement systems for sharing clinical information in a timely, secure, and efficient manner.

    – Further Information: Participating Providers

  38. North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE)



    North Carolina’s HIE is a secure state-wide information exchange that helps providers share a patient’s health information in a timely, safe manner. This HIE leads to improved care coordination, resulting in higher quality of care and better health outcomes.

    – Further Information: Events

  39. Washington State HIE



    The Office of the National Coordination (ONC) for Health Information Technology approved a plan in 2010 and awarded Washington State $11.3 million to start the implementation phase of a statewide HIE system. Today, the Washington State HIE is implemented; however, the connection to the agency won’t be available for public health “Meaningful Use” messages until sometime in the near future.

    – Further Information: Meaningful Use

  40. HIE Answers



    This comprehensive site is a great source for all information regarding HIE. They have news updates on policies, the latest advances in HIE technology and training, and news on how HIE is working to save the medical industry time and money.

    – Further Information: HIE saves 1 Million in Emergency Care Costs

  41. Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution



    Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution (MDES) is an integrated end-to-end, standards-based system that facilitates patient-centric access to medical records. Health care professionals can quickly and easily access and review a patient’s medical data gathered by different applications and stored in separate locations with this solution that addresses issues such as limited access, increasing costs, and improved patient care.

    – Further Information: Find a Reseller in Your Area

  42. RelayHealth



    RelayHealth develops improvements in healthcare IT. With HIE software, epharmacy solutions, and more, they offer solutions to streamline communications between patients, providers, payers, and pharmacies for faster, more reliable care.

    – Further Information: Improve Patient Experience

  43. Massachusetts Statewide Health Information



    The Massachusetts Statewide HIE, supported by state law and state and federal funding, has resulted to date in several community and provider-based HIEs. This program, known as MeHI, is the state’s entity for health care innovation, technology, and competitiveness and is responsible for advancing the dissemination of health information technology throughout Massachusetts.

    – Further Information: Last Mile Program

  44. Wellcentive



    Wellcentive’s mission is to enable health care organizations of all sizes and specialties to focus on caring for patients, rather than on technology. They deliver solutions that empower health care professionals through improving clinical and financial outcomes.

    – Further Information: News

  45. Camden Health Information Exchange Blog



    The Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers is a nine-year-old strategic initiative that began in 2002 to improve the quality, capacity, and accessibility of the healthcare system for vulnerable populations in the City of Camden, New Jersey. Over that time, “the Coalition” has become community organizers of the Camden health provider arena, offering health care vision and leadership throughout this city.

    – Further Information: Program Resources

  46. Hielix, Inc.



    Hielix works with hospitals and physician’s offices to help implement the latest IT solutions. Their products and services are meant to assess current IT use and make it more efficient and successful.

    – Further Information: Know Your Terminology: Health IT 101

  47. Medical Record eXchange



    Medical Record eXchange is powered and operated by Zedmed Medical Software Solutions powers and operates the Medical Record Exchange, established in Australia in 1978. Today, after 30 years, Zedmed is known as the ultimate provider of fully integrated, full-featured, sophisticated software solutions for health professionals.

    – Further Information: What We Do

  48. HIETexas



    The State of Texas has leveraged resources to coordinate with other HIE initiatives as well as with providers in the state to come up with the best possible HIE program for residents and visitors. This program was planned and built to enable improvements in the quality and efficiency of the Texas health care sector.

    – Further Information: Core Principles

  49. Symphony



    Physicians often long for a system that can handle clinical, financial, and administrative tasks in one package. Symphony works with healthcare professionals to provide this type of working IT platform that includes all the above along with hosting, managed services, customer communities, and top-notch secure and proficient care.

    – Further Information: Tomorrow’s Information Management

  50. Arkansas State Health Alliance for Records Exchange (SHARE)



    SHARE (the Arkansas State Health Alliance for Records Exchange) securely gathers information about patients from various health care providers to create more complete health and medical pictures of their residents. SHARE allows exchanges through HIE as well as through what is known as Virtual Health Record (VHR) access for providers who don’t operate EHR.

    – Further Information: Three ways to SHARE

  51. Harris Health Information Exchange



    Harris Healthcare offers a wide array of healthcare solutions for hospitals, clinics, and offices. Their software works to connect patient information both throughout states and the country, linking patients with doctors and healthcare providers wherever their information is needed for quick, reliable care.

    – Further Information: Nationwide Health Information Network




    SMRTNET (Secure Medical Records Transfer Network) offers a complete HIE solution that is trusted and utilized by Oklahoma’s physicians and hospitals and that currently holds 2.1 million patient records from all 77 counties within the state. Streamlining the process of the transfer of clinical records provides a platform for more efficient patient care by providing patient records in timely and secure fashion.

    – Further Information:

  53. Florida Health Information Network



    FHIN deals with the medical records and data of patients across the state of Florida. This agency uses HIE improve the quality of health helping to prevent medical errors, reduce unnecessary health care costs, and improve patient engagement.

    – Further Information: Privacy Regulations

  54. Minnesota e-Health Connect



    This organization works with the Minnesota Department of Health to organize and transmit patient health information across the state from physicians to pharmacies and to other needed medical specialists. E-Health connect does this in a way that works to ensure that they meet specific standards to ensure protection of the data and privacy of the patient.

    – Further Information: E-Health Initiative

  55. Florida Health Information Exchange



    The Florida Health Information Exchange enables the secure exchange of health information. It allows authorized medical providers to quickly and efficiently review their patients’ medical records without needing to use or purchase HER or EMR software.

    – Further Information: Resources

  56. Nebraska Health Information Initiative



    Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII) is leading the effort to create a secure online web-based HIE to serve the state’s patient population and its providers. Over the next few years, NeHII will roll out across the state and become part of a planned Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) that can improve the level of health care across Nebraska as well as across the nation.

    – Further Information: NeHII Product Services [PDF]

  57. CDPH Health Information Exchange (HIE) Gateway



    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) exchanges data with many stakeholders, including providers, hospitals, laboratories, local health jurisdictions and federal agencies through their secure HIE. Launched on October 1, 2013, this HIE Gateway is the new California repository for public health data statewide.

    – Further Information: Help Desk

  58. Oregon Health Authority



    The Office of Health Information Technology serves as the new resource to support the efforts of Oregon’s new federal HIE program. This effort allows health care providers to securely share a patient’s medical information electronically, transforming this state’s health system to better serve its residents.

    – Further Information: Health Information Exchange Overview

  59. Health Information Exchange in Alaska



    The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services is planning a health information exchange (HIE) for the state. Follow the headline news and browse important program documents to learn how this state is pulling together its resources to help Alaska’s residents move toward a secure, safe, and successful health information exchange program.

    – Further Information: Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) User Manual [PDF]

  60. Kentucky Health Information Exchange



    The State of Kentucky had great success in obtaining funds for their statewide HIE, which began in 2009 with an executive order from Governor Steve Beshear. The focus of KHIE is to improve the health, quality and safety of Kentucky’s residents and visitors through the provision of a statewide, interoperable health information exchange.

    – Further Information: Kentucky Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

  61. North Dakota Health Information Network



    NDHIN is an organization that is dedicated to improving health care across North Dakota by creating a secure medical sharing network (HIE) for providers and consumers. The state’s Health Information Technology Office is the backbone for this effort, developing efficient health record systems, which in turn benefit patients with higher quality care.

    – Further Information: News and Events

  62. Pennsylvania eHealth Initiative (PAeHI)



    PAeHI was created in 2005 as a non-profit organization consisting of Pennsylvania’s various healthcare, business, and technology industries. PAeHI’s member-driven organization provides leadership for the future of health information technology and in secure exchange of health information across the Commonwealth, resulting in improved patient care through the effective and efficient use of health information technology.

    – Further Information: About PAeHI

  63. Beginning

    Data Entry & Management

    Data entry and management are key aspects of the healthcare industry. Having skilled coders and organized individuals to maintain both paper and digital files is an absolute necessity for any medical facility.


  64. HealthAffairs



    Health Affairs is a journal of general health and policy. They reach a broad audience including government officials, scholars, and health advocates.

    – Further Information: Better Care through sharing electronic records

  65. Medios EHR



    iOS Healthcare Systems utilizes the latest technology to create an easy to use solution for healthcare providers to use for managing patient records. Their customizable programs offer an easy and secure way to store patient information.

    – Further Information: Electronic Health Record Solutions

  66. Healthcare IT News – EHR Index



    This online publication informs IT executives with daily news about technology, strategies and tactics, statutory and regulatory issues, and the latest provider and vendor developments. Hospital CIOs ranked Healthcare IT News as a number one source of information in this field three years in a row.

    – Further Information: Telehealth

  67. iHealthBeat



    iHealthBeat offers a free daily news digest that reports technology’s impact on health care. iHealthBeat is part of the California HealthCare Foundation’s commitment to important issues affecting health care policy, delivery and financing.

    – Further Information: House Lawmakers Introduce Mobile Health Apps Regulation Bill

  68. Practice Fusion



    Practice Fusion offers doctors and practices the opportunities to create a free EHR for patients. It is customizable for over 50 specialties and easy for doctors to create patient charts and notes.

    – Further Information: Meaningful Use

  69. eClinicalWorks



    eClinical works is a cloud based EHR for hospitals and physician groups. Their product works for groups of all sizes because it is simple and affordable – no extra licensing fees, customizable for all group sizes, and easy to use.

    – Further Information: Knowledge Center

  70. Health Data Management



    Health Data Management covers all data and technology topics related to healthcare, including HIPPA, records, billing, electronic prescribing, and more. This site helps hospital executives make sense of the material and make the best decisions for their employees and patients.

    – Further Information: EHR Success All the Details

  71. Healthcare Informatics – HIE Stories



    Healthcare Informatics Magazine is a CIO-level publication that focuses in issues of system selection, project management, enterprise integration, change management and budgeting. Learn about EMR EHR, ARRA HITECH, wireless technologies and meaningful use policy, especially pertaining to patient safety, point-of-care tech, and a useful HIE analysis.

    – Further Information: HIE

  72. American Medical Informatics Association



    AMIA is dedicated to transforming and improving the healthcare industry through information technology and education. They use clinical information, research, and public health information to build case studies and newsworthy information to share with their members.

    – Further Information: Newsroom

  73. Advanced Data Systems Corporation



    ADS Corporation stands out in an industry where reliability and stability is tantamount to security and risk elimination. As a leading provider of EHR/EMR, Practice Management and Radiology Information System (RIS) solutions, ADS currently serves over 35,000 physicians and healthcare providers in every size and specialty.

    – Further Information: Resources

  74. Kareo



    Kareo currently services over 20,000 health care providers with products and services that improve operations and that, in turn, deliver better patient care. Their free EHR is designed for iPad and the web, and they also offer practice management, billing services, and a marketplace that brings technology and services together to make a clinician’s practice the best that it can be.

    – Further Information: EHR Overview

  75. MedicalRecords



    MedicalRecords helps users choose the best EMR software for their practice. Users can compare features, price, and search by specialty, as well as read helpful articles about choosing an EMR, EMR financing, and benefits of the EMR.

    – Further Information: How to choose the right EMR system

  76. OmniMD



    OmniMD offers software solutions that include EHR and PM tools. They also offer free resources online for doctors and healthcare providers that include case studies and white papers for research and evaluation.

    – Further Information: Resources and Events

  77. Biosoftworld Medical Software



    BioSoftworld offers several products to help create an efficient, secure, and cost effective healthcare atmosphere. From billing software to scheduling to patient records, this software can help completely change an office and patient experience.

    – Further Information: Medical Billing Software – Choosing Which is Best for your Practice Needs




    Physicians rate Praxis EMR as number one, because of this company’s profound contribution to the medicine practice in the creation of an outstanding EMR based exclusively on clinical needs. This was Infor-Med Corporation’s goal when it developed Praxis Electronic Medical Records in 1989 with the goal of developing the finest EMR in the world, and interfacing it seamlessly with all quality Health IT systems and software.

    – Further Information: Meaningful Use

  79. ScriptSure



    ScriptSure offers a line of software products for medical professionals such as E-Prescribing, also known as electronic prescribing, which is one of the easiest and most advanced E-Prescribing software available today. Their EMR builds on this software by adding modules for every aspect of within a patient encounter.

    – Further Information: ScriptSure EMR

  80. DocComply



    DocComply helps healthcare workers find the IT solutions for everything they need for their practice. Their streamlined services include practice management, EMR, e-prescription, and more, all to help build a secure, accessible center of information and put more time into patient care rather than administrative duties.

    – Further Information: October 2013 Newsletter

  81. American Medical Software



    A leader in providing and maintaining medical office software systems for physicians in all specialties, AMS is committed to providing products and services that push the envelope. Constant research and development leads repeatedly to solutions provided by feature-rich products, exceptional support, and top-drawer value.

    – Further Information: Billing and Financial Management

  82. Vee Technologies



    This blog focuses on the influence and advantages of technology in the medical industry. Here, you’ll find news and information about medical billing, coding, data entry, insurance, claims, and more as it pertains to outsourcing or creating effectiveness in the workplace.

    – Further Information: Medical Billing Outsourcing – 7 Advantages

  83. EMR Experts



    EMR Experts is a software company that offers medical record software, coding systems, and practice management solutions. Their blog is full of up to date news about patient record management policies, EMR studies, and other IT health information.

    – Further Information: Hospital Management is Essential to Healthcare Industry

  84. MediPro



    MediPro offers tools to help physicians and office managers work with records and billing seamlessly, successfully, and securely. Their technology helps medical practices save time and money, overall simplifying office operations.

    – Further Information: Medical Billing Software Options

  85. Acrendo Software



    Acrendo Medical Software supplies health care providers with a single-provider system that is an all-in-one EHR and practice management system. Use this system as a cloud-based or a client-server model, and take advantage of custom and built-in templates that can save paper, room, time, and upscale the quality and quantity of patient care.

    – Further Information: The “One-Click” Electronic Health Records

  86. Physicians Group Management



    PGM is an integrated physician billing, practice management, and electronic medical record service that has provided physicians with innovative services since 1981. Today they are one of the fastest growing health care service and technology companies in America, with their technology-plus-service approach to practice management and medical billing.

    – Further Information: Practice Management Resources

  87. Medical Data Exchange



    MDX is the largest processor of Medicaid claims in California. Customers who employ this product receive first time payment over 95% of the time. The program also eliminates a need for staff invention, reducing costs.

    – Further Information: MDX MAX II

  88. MD Logic



    MD Logic is a healthcare industry leader in electronic medical record solutions. Their spectrum of tech solutions means meeting needs for a variety of doctors, clinics, and hospitals, but always offering security and efficiency.

    – Further Information: Web Based EMR

  89. EZClaim Medical Billing Software



    This technology focuses on simplifying medical billing and claims. Their flexible products and training allow for medical staff to help organize and establish a streamlined billing center.

    – Further Information: FAQ

  90. Discharge 1-2-3



    This patient record software was developed for doctors by doctors in 2000. A key feature of their software is that it works with current EMR programs and creates custom discharge instructions and patient education in multiple languages – key for patient’s continued care and health.

    – Further Information: How Discharge Instructions Affect the Patient Experience

  91. Benchmark Systems



    Benchmark offers clinical care solutions such as EHR, scheduling, patient portal, and more. Their software supports over 120 medical specialties and works with hospitals, private practices, and ambulatory services helping to automate workflow and protect patient information.

    – Further Information: Solutions

  92. Allergy EHR



    AllergyEHR is a powerful combination that includes practice management, electronic health records, document imaging & Chronic Care Management in one integrated solution. This is the only EMO designed specifically for allergists that guarantees 100-percent stimulus incentives.

    – Further Information: Our Solutions

  93. TriMed Technology



    TriMed is not a big company with a “one size fits all” approach to their medical software solutions, instead growing your organization with robust software that offers deep functionality with an intuitive user interface. TriMed offers practice management, e-Medsys EHR, a mobile EHR, a document manager, a patient portal, and support for all these clinical office systems.

    – Further Information: Products

  94. ZipChart



    From the cost of an EMR system, to the time involved learning a new process, converting your office to a paperless digital office is a big decision that ZipChart EMR can manage. Their streamlined system allows the physician to see more patients while their simple point-and-click functions offer intuitive use by office personnel.

    – Further Information: EMR’s Impact on Practice

  95. Beginning

    Security, Privacy & More

    Medical records are strictly protected by the law, and maintaining the proper systems to ensure that no patient information falls into the wrong hands is the responsibility of every member of a medical team.


  96. The American Health Information Management Association



    AHIMA is working to advance the implementation EHRs by leading industry initiatives and advocating for consistent standards. As the health industry grows and changes, AHIMA aims to be a leader in patient information handling and a leading partner in the medical industry.

    – Further Information: Clinical Documentation Improvement

  97. The Health Care Blog: EHR



    This health care blog covers all the hot topics in health and medicine. From business managers to hospitals and doctors and patients, this blog serves a wide audience with insider information from the health tech industry.

    – Further Information: Only Well Designed EHRs Will Survive

  98. Healthcare Technology Magazine



    International Healthcare Technology publishes leading digital titles covering international private medical insurance, defense, and health care technology. Other topics in this wide-ranging news source include imaging, telemedicine, and security news as it relates to health care.

    – Further Information: Mobile and Wireless Healthcare News

  99. Patient Privacy Rights



    Dedicated to helping patients protect their sensitive and private health information, this organization promotes trustworthy electronic health systems and data exchanges. They also work to educate patients on their rights and current health policies.

    – Further Information: Everyone expects information the share to be used only once

  100. Health Technology Review



    If you’re uncertain as to what software to use for your health care business, this online publication might help. Health Technology Review provides health care professionals with thorough health IT information, software ratings and reviews, articles, news, and trends, with a special focus on EMR and medical billing software.

    – Further Information: Medical Billing

  101. HealthTech Wire



    HealthTech Wire offers news, interviews, and opinion on German, UK, and International health care technology updates and trends. Stay up to date on the companies that offer EMRs, EHRs, and other health care professional office software.

    – Further Information: Interviews

  102. HIPAAsuite



    This software securely and efficiently takes care of all information electronically transferred from and into healthcare databases. From claims, enrollment, and payments, this software suite can take the hassle out of translating codes and streamlines processes.

    – Further Information: Resources